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Ready to learn the skills you need to kick ass in your business? The glass ceiling is irrelevant when you're flying as your OWN boss!

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3 Skills You NEED As A Business Owner

Website & SEO Strategy

Your website is your handshake to the world - what does yours say about you? Can you even be found?

Email Marketing

If you are betting on only social media, you are gambling in a game you can't control. Get personal with your audience!

Marketing & In Person Sales

What is the best way to reach out to your ideal client? Who IS your ideal client? Once they're booked, how do you serve them?

About Brooke

Yep, I'm a little goofy. With an inappropriate sense of humor.

I've been a boudoir photographer for 14 years, running a successful studio in the Denver area that is a multiple six figure business. Sometimes goofy is necessary, right?

I have built a profitable BUSINESS - not just an expensive hobby, because I decided to really learn some mad business skills. And you can too - I am not a unicorn! 

The cliche of the starving artist needs to GO! You can define success on your own terms, support your family and reach your dreams when you start learning more and more about the business side of things.

And I can help!

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Copy and paste, workflow, email templates, questionnaires, order forms and MORE. Click here to head over to the shop!

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Courses & Workshops

Spiff Up Your Site

A blueprint and step-by-step system to build, update or tweak your website to change it from shameful to your best performing employee, changing visitors to leads and booked clients!

Inbox to Booked Solid

How to start, grow & master your email marketing strategy to have a calendar booked FULL or your ideal clients. Take charge of this digital asset that is a business MUST!

SEO 101 for Photographers

Hoping that people find you isn't enough - search engine optimization is something that can grow your business like crazy. It's time to be FOUND by the clients who want to work with you most!

"Brooke has an incredible wealth of business knowledge. Everything from how to handle a tricky situation, to wording an email perfectly, or helping you market to the right crowd. She really gets you thinking in a different direction and helps you expands on your ideas. Brooke has a true talent for teaching and inspiring others in their businesses. For me personally not only has she taught me so much about myself as a business owner but also helped me focus the direction I want to go. Brooke is driven and supportive which is a wonderful combination in a mentor."

Mary Schlener
Red Ribbon Photography

"Brooke is an incredible businesswoman, and a wealth of knowledge. I have marveled at her awareness and understanding of so many fundamental aspects that make her business successful…and have been so fortunate to have her help me first hand! I have learned more form Brooke in a personal one hour session than I have spending countless hours researching online, watching tutorials and sitting through lectures. I would recommend Brooke for business coaching in a heartbeat!"

Julia Morgan
J Mo Studio

"You know that moment when you’ve just moved to a new city, and it strikes you that you can make your business into anything you want it to be? (If not, lucky you!) Well, that’s where I was. It’s both an exciting and a terrifying place to be! One phone conversation with Brooke later, and I had a purpose and a direction. I was more than ready to do the work, but I really, really needed that spark! Brooke specializes in empowering people to find that spark, both in her boudoir clients and the creative entrepreneurs she comes in contact with. And I’m absolutely sure that The Roaring Brand would not be here without her!"

Katie Osborne
The Roaring Artist

Top Podcast Episodes & Articles

5 Questions to Build & Define Your Ideal Client

If you don't know who your dream client is, how can you ever hope to reach them and serve them? This episode includes a free worksheet to determine who your ideal client is, so you can be booked out!

Your SEO SUCKS. But it doesn't have to!

I know that SEO can seem overwhelming! This FREE course will walk you through SEO for photographers, from the beginning!

When Should You Work For Free?

We've all been offered "exposure" - right? When should you work for free, and when should you decline? These can be sticky situations, here are three questions to ask!

Why Email Marketing is a MUST for Photographers!

Yep - another source of overwhelm. Do you really NEED an email list? What would you even send to them? Where do you even start?

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